Friday, August 12, 2016


Remember when I posted all about our home and how we were selling?
And then, how it sold in less than 24 hours and I wasn't quite ready?

It wasn't just about being our first home, where we brought Jett home, but it was a little about this one little room.  The one where Mindy Mae's really got started.  Where all the blood, sweat, tears, and stress poured into the beginnings of my dreams coming true.


So, it was a little bittersweet when HGTV featured our home in their latest magazine.  It's so exciting to see Jen's work featured. But, since we aren't into our new home - we are missing this place something fierce. 
You can see where I shared the space & all the details HERE.

We've been working crazy hard with Jen behind the scenes on something really exciting! We seriously can't wait to share the big news! 
Until then.. we continue to work on our new home and it's plans! 

xoxo, Courtney

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BTS: Huge Sale

Behind the Scenes of an MMM Huge Sale

Step One: Organize & Inventory all stock
Step Two: Create a pricing schedule, adjust listings, everything you could imagine for the back-end.

Step Three: Stay up until way past your bedtime, launch the sale, answer questions, and make sure everything is working.

Step Four: Wake up early to a million things, put on comfs, and get a move on. 

Step Five: Print, print, print
(this is day one orders placed from launch to 10am)

Step Six: Pull and pack your little heart out.
(according to our fitbits we each walked about 25 miles while pulling orders)

Step Seven: Bag them all up.
(This was the first batch of pick-ups.  We ended up with 34 bags of packages)

Step Eight: Cram them all into the mail truck
(she came back the next day, so she made it safe)

Step Nine: Evaluate the damage/success 

Step Ten: Come back day two, and do it all over again.

Step Eleven: Restock the shelves and prepare for New Releases!

We love when Jetty gets to visit! We work super long days during sales so he comes to visit!


In a nutshell, that's how it goes down.  It would be a dream if it were all this easy.  We spend the whole weekend before a sale preparing, planning, & prepping.  We come in early, stay late and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Sale days are our favorite.  We get to give incredible discounts, send out products we love, and move in product we can't wait to share!
We owe it all to you guys! This all started in a 10x13 bedroom - hard to believe!
We can't wait to share what's next - I know we mentioned getting back to our roots in this post, but I think you guys are really, really, really going to love what we have comin'!

xoxo, Courtney

Monday, July 25, 2016

Salud to SLC

photos by: JessaKae Photo

florals by: The Lovely Ave  |  decor by: Lulu & Georgia

Bet you wouldn't guess that these floral arrangements are paper, would you?
Welp, they are! And, they are STUNNING! I was lucky enough to meet Margie from The Lovely Ave a while back - I have about 9 of her arrangements throughout our office. (mildly obsessed).  I convinced her to hook us up with these florals for the event.  The very best part? They'll never die. (since I seem to have that happen with every plant, ever.)

(side note: could you die over that wallpaper?!)

custom illustrations: Paulette's Palette

Paulette from Paulette's Palette came and did live illustrations! Her talent is unreal.
She had also pre-drawn some of the attendees (you can see those HERE)
Here's the one she did for me of my favorite shoes!


So, what was in the gift bags?!

It wouldn't be brunch without a little shopping.  Lucky enough for us, we were able to gift some of our all time favorite pieces:

(obviously, I love it)
(I love just about everything on their site, you'll see that when we do our office reveal)
(I haven't worn a watch for a couple years, but now I want to wear five at a time, they're so pretty!)
(this bag is what dreams are made of, some come with a little insulated holder for your water)
(always up for a good smelling candle, always)
(and, of course, always up for yummy cookies!)
(love, love, love - now, I need one of my little fam-bam)
(love it - now I just need to know how to use it... youtube here I come! - sidenote: I'm terrible at makeup)
and it all comes in this cute Clare V. Market Bag

Everything was documented by my fave, JessaKae Photo

xoxo, Courtney