Friday, June 24, 2016

Saying GoodBye

interior design & photos from: Jennifer Stagg @ With Heart

COUCH (similar) | CHAIRS (similar) | SHEEPSKIN RUG



POUF | CHAIRS (similar) | RUG | COUCH (similar) | SHEEPSKIN RUG 

 CHAIRS (similar)

RUG | MIRROR (similar)

CHAIRSSIDE TABLE (similar, I also own it) 


BUFFET CABINET (similar + another similar here)

(Adam built the whole wall!)


(Adam built the mudbench!)
Adam is so handy to have around.. I told him what I wanted and he made it happen.  This mud bench and the wall in our living room couldn't have turned out better. He's pretty impressive. (bridesmaids reference)
I cried like a baby at closing.  I had no idea the emotional attachment I had built for this house through the memories.  I know we will enjoy our new home and continue to make memories, but there is something so special about our first home.
We spent the first 6 years building our life together, in this home. We were lucky enough to build it, and then work with Jen to design it to perfection.
Two things that have been incredibly hard for me are:
1. This is where we brought Jett home.
2. This is where we built Mindy Mae's Market.
In a small room upstairs we had one desk, one computer, one chair, and a whole lot of passion (and mes).  Adam fully supported my dream, although he may not have fully understood what he was getting into.  But, we worked tirelessly to build MMM.  Soon taking over the hallway, second bedroom, and eventually the living room.  Although we moved MMM out, still having the house somehow made everything ok.  Now, saying goodbye to this house just feels so final on that chapter of our lives. We are incredibly excited about the future, but saying goodbye is always a little tough.. even if it is just a pile of 2x4's.
xoxo, Courtney


  1. Love your inclusion about your home, and particularly the process of leaving it. Excited to hear about the newest chapter in your life!

  2. We just sold our first home so this rings so true! But I know your future home will be just as amazing and full of memories!